Physical Therapy

Points North Physical Therapy is a boutique clinic offering hour-long one-on-one sessions in a beautiful, private setting. The clinic primarily serves adults and children with acute sports medicine injuries or who are rehabilitating from an injury, surgery, or illness. The clinic also offers fitness and wellness consultations, for example for assistance with developing a fitness or training regimen with a particular goal, which can range from weight loss and improved health to meeting a strength goal to achieving a personal best in a race.

Some serious injuries or medical conditions may require periodic follow up, and some clients with a very physically demanding lifestyle, such as athletes or those in physically demanding occupations may need an occasional PT “tune-up.” Points North clients who have finished rehab are always welcome to make an appointment as needed to check in.

Consultations are offered to clients with a truly chronic condition that has not responded to other types of treatment, and may be followed up with an additional session or two to assist the client in developing self-management strategies.

Physical therapy research continues to demonstrate that exercise and manual therapy have the best treatment efficacy, and this is the primary treatment that clients receive at Points North PT. Exercise does not necessarily mean plunging into high intensity workouts right off the bat! An exercise program can consist of exercises prescribed to address the factors contributing to the injury or condition, relaxation techniques, brain retraining techniques, postural training, and recommendations and assistance with implementing lifestyle changes.

Kathleen has studied and trained with several different methods of manual therapy and she uses each when appropriate. For spinal alignment work, she employs a gentle osteopathic based method based on techniques from the Center for Integrative Manual Therapy and the Upledger Instutitute that can best be described as a combination of myofascial release, muscle energy technique, and craniosacral therapy. Some clients occasionally confuse this gentle method with acupressure points or “energy work.” Points North PT does not offer acupressure nor any form of energy work because that is not a part of Kathleen’s training. All treatment techniques are physiologically and Western medicine-based, as well as evidence-supported treatments.




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